The EyeHarp is a computer based electronic musical instrument designed specifically to be played using an EyeGaze input device. It began as the project and dissertation of Greek student Zacharias Vamvakousis for his Masters in Sound And Music Computing in UPF, Barcelona. Unlike most masters projects he has created a fully functioning software application that surpasses anything previously available in the area. He has very graciously made the project Open Source so although development seems to have stalled for the moment hopefully someone will soon take up the mantel and develop it further in the future. See the video below for a demonstration of it being played with a D.I.Y. eye tracking device made for €70 and the ITU GazeGroup Open Source eyetracking software (mentioned in the Access section).


This is a very polished piece of software and we will be looking at it in more detail in future posts. Until then you can get more details at http://theeyeharp.blogspot.ie/.