Robot Drummers

There are so many things I like about what this guy is doing I don’t know where to start. His name is Moritz Simon Geist and his website is Check out the video below before reading another word..

MR-808 – mechanic drum robot from Sonic Robots on Vimeo.

The full talk he gave is on youtube here (from hacker congress 29C3) for those of you that can speak German, for those who can’t I’ll try and summarise. He talked a little about his influences. Eric Singer, Trimpin, Felix Thorn, Sergi Jordá, Chico MacMurti among a few others originating with the futurist, Luigi Russolo.

The biggest issue Moritz encountered when designing MR-808 was latency. Each different robot for each real world Roland TR-808 recreation had a different amount of latency. To make a rhythm he needed the delay to be the same on all the sounds, all the latency needed to be equal. He achieved this by delaying all the sounds to the one with the greatest latency and setting this as the main sync clock.

What am I thinking..? Well I’ll tell you then. A robot Bodhrán player controlled by the sensors on a smartphone! Forward and back for speed, left and right for tone. If you do this before me you have to call it Connor!