Simon is a 32 year old man with Athetoid cerebral palsy (CP) which results in severe involuntary movements and dysarthric speech (unintelligible to most and limited in vocabulary). He is unable to control upper or lower limbs and is a wheelchair user.

Simon has as elected to have his upper limbs restrained at the forearms, when he is in his powered wheelchair (in which he spends most of his day). This, along with good postural management, facilitates excellent head control.

Simon is highly literate and has proved to have a very good aptitude for learning new software applications. He has used this head control for activating switches placed on each side of his temples. Uses the same two switches to control a variety of AT using a number of different scanning methods for each device, including a wheelchair control scanner, a computer input device, an environmental control system and an electronic communication aid.

He has always been a passionate consumer of music but has never had the opportunity to participate or create music himself because due to his disability most hardware and software is inaccessible to him.