CTM Festival 2013 MusicMakers Hacklab

We are in Berlin all this week taking part in the CTM Festival 2013 MusicMakers Hacklab. The Hacklab which has been put together by Peter Kirn of createdigitalmusic.com and Derek Holzer macumbista.net (among others I’m sure). It’s a great concept where after an open call for project proposals they picked a group of 15 people based on their skills and backgrounds. A lot of thought has obviously gone into the mix of people with an emphases on complimentary skills and collaboration. There are hardware and software experts along with musicians and visual artists. After an hour long group discussion where everyone laid out their areas of interest and potential projects I realised that my own background in assistive technology wasn’t so out of place as I had feared it might be.

Group of people sitting around tables with computers and equipment.
CTM Festival 13 Hacklab

Everyone’s goals are similar, to use technology to create intuitive, expressive interfaces for producing music, and those technologies are the same regardless of the users’ physical abilities. I’ll have more on individual people/projects in later posts.

Along side the hacklab a series of talks and workshops are being run, also curated by Peter Kirn. If they are all of the same standard as Moritz Simon Geist sonicrobots.com and Peter Kirn himself today they are something to look forward to indeed!