Browser based Audio Apps –

screenshot of the buttonbass cude app

There is a huge range of browser (and we are talking Google Chrome specifically here) based audio apps available and more appearing every week. Some are just noise toys that might keep you occupied for a few minutes where as others Continue reading Browser based Audio Apps –

MaKeyMaKey Music Activities

patatap screenshot

Follow up to original post here (yes only 6 months late) This was the first time we tried to use the MakeyMakey with AT users in a recreation type activity and although it was moderately successful there are a number Continue reading MaKeyMaKey Music Activities

Patatap and MaKeyMaKey

patatap screenshot, abstract

If you haven’t seen patatap yet go to the website and have a quick play around (works in Chrome Browser). It’s a really fun interactive web-app (also available on iOS) that produces sound and visuals in your browser (video above made with patatap). Each letter key Continue reading Patatap and MaKeyMaKey