Syntact™ Touch the sound

Syntact™ musical interface. A circular concave array of ultra sonic transmitters.

A criticism often levelled against instruments like the Soundbeam, the Alesis Air Synth/FX (no longer available) or even the granddaddy of them all, the Theremin is that the lack of tactile feedback makes them difficult to master. They are great for improvising or playing around with but Continue reading Syntact™ Touch the sound


the eyeharp interface for composing and performing music using eyegaze

The EyeHarp is a computer based electronic musical instrument designed specifically to be played using an EyeGaze input device. It began as the project and dissertation of Greek student Zacharias Vamvakousis for his Masters in Sound And Music Computing in UPF, Barcelona. Unlike Continue reading EyeHarp

Camera Theremin

Screenshot of the settings dialogue of the Camera Theremin application.

Last year while searching the web for accessible music software I came across a site hosted on called Tukespirnt. The site contains about ten applications of varying quality that were the results of a weeklong workshop supported by Sound Continue reading Camera Theremin