Bodhrán-Bot – Solenoid Drumming Research

wooden solenoid drum beater from Make

The idea of building an autonomous drum that can be programmed and played with solenoids and actuators is certainly not a new one. Type the terms “solenoid drum” or “robot drum” into Youtube and you will find numerous videos of Continue reading Bodhrán-Bot – Solenoid Drumming Research


Over the next few posts I will document our efforts building a Bodhrán that will be played using a number of solenoids and motors controlled by the musicians eyes. Proposal The goal of this project is to enable a young man Continue reading Bodhrán-Bot

Anadromeda Space Rockers

andromeda space rocker drum machines, Mark 1, 2, 3 and 4

Just received delivery of our Anadromeda Space Rockers today. Very excited indeed. Stay tuned for further posts on how we will go about hacking them to make them accessible to switch users.