BodhránBot Brains – Choosing a Microcontroller

midi-switcher board

As the title of this post suggests in this post we will look at the options available for controlling the Bodhrán Bot. We will need to use a microcontroller in order to control the solenoids and have them hit the Continue reading BodhránBot Brains – Choosing a Microcontroller

Bodhrán-Bot – Solenoid Drumming Research

wooden solenoid drum beater from Make

The idea of building an autonomous drum that can be programmed and played with solenoids and actuators is certainly not a new one. Type the terms “solenoid drum” or “robot drum” into Youtube and you will find numerous videos of Continue reading Bodhrán-Bot – Solenoid Drumming Research


Over the next few posts I will document our efforts building a Bodhrán that will be played using a number of solenoids and motors controlled by the musicians eyes. Proposal The goal of this project is to enable a young man Continue reading Bodhrán-Bot