Patatap and MaKeyMaKey

patatap screenshot, abstract

If you haven’t seen patatap yet go to the website and have a quick play around (works in Chrome Browser). It’s a really fun interactive web-app (also available on iOS) that produces sound and visuals in your browser (video above made with patatap). Each letter key Continue reading Patatap and MaKeyMaKey

Anadromeda Space Rockers

andromeda space rocker drum machines, Mark 1, 2, 3 and 4

Just received delivery of our Anadromeda Space Rockers today. Very excited indeed. Stay tuned for further posts on how we will go about hacking them to make them accessible to switch users.

Hot Hand 3 Wireless MIDI Controller

Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller with receiver base station

One of the main barriers which prevent users of ability switches creating truly expressive music comes from one of the the intrinsic properties of the switch itself. An ability switch is purely digital in terms that it can be in only two Continue reading Hot Hand 3 Wireless MIDI Controller