Face and HeadMouse using WebCams

Only alternative when considered as an access or input device. As a piece of equipment, the Webcam, alongside the printer is probably the most common computer periphery after the keyboard and mouse. This means that many people will already have one, or if not they are very inexpensive to purchase. Computers are becoming cheaper and more powerful, webcams becoming cheaper and better quality, this combined with recent developments in face recognition technology could make the webcam a cheap viable access technology of the future. Face recognition allows the computer to, with increasing accuracy; determine the direction of the users gaze without the Infra Red light source used in traditional eye tracking. It also offers the possibility that facial expressions could be used as an additional way to communicate more information. Microsoft’s Kinect which is basically a high quality 3D webcam (with microphone array) is already taking this concept to the next level. The videos and links below are all to experimental software and at this point probably shouldn’t be relied upon as a primary means of accessing the computer. There is also always a danger of damaging your computer when installing beta (not fully tested) software. You have been warned.


On this page the name of the application in the video title links to the download page of that application (where available).