music comes from the mind not the hands

The musicians body, like their instrument are just tools through which the music is expressed. Technology has given us new tools. This site aims to be a hub for people wanting to create electronic instruments that can be played with these new alternative methods. By that we mean creating music using your eyes, mouth, elbow, foot…whatever! These instruments will be of particular interest to people with disabilities that prevent them from accessing mainstream instruments and interfaces but should also be of interest to people who might find they have their hands full using other equipment.
The Blog section of the site will consist of posts, links and updates on any hardware or software developments in the area. Mainstream hardware and software news will be covered but there will be a particular emphases on open source, hacks and customisations.
The Projects section outlines current projects as blogs detailing the the construction process as an ongoing effort. The hope is that everyone will contribute and we will build a community of people with similar interests but diverse skills. There are a lot of expertise on the web and here we hope to crowd-source the design and construction of these devices. We start with three projects but we are open to new ideas. When a project is done and we have a finished product we will provide clear instruction (component list, schematics, code downloads and video) to allow others to repeat and improve the project for themselves.
The Access section of the site outlines some alternative access methods that will be used in the construction of the projects. Again there is an emphases on open source technologies. It also includes some personas to help with the design process.