8 Best Sub-$10 iOS Music Making Apps

screen shot of cp1919 iPad app

Nice article on MakeUseOf.com reviewing the 8 best iPad Apps under $10. iPad Therefore I Rock: 8 Best Sub-$10 iOS Music Making Apps  

Camera Theremin

Screenshot of the settings dialogue of the Camera Theremin application.

Last year while searching the web for accessible music software I came across a site hosted on code.google.com called Tukespirnt. The site contains about ten applications of varying quality that were the results of a weeklong workshop supported by Sound Continue reading Camera Theremin

EyeSynth 1 – Background

The hardware for this project will be based on one of the open source Eyegaze projects mentioned on the EyeGaze page. It isn’t the hardware that is the challenge in this particular project however it is the software. There are Continue reading EyeSynth 1 – Background