CTM Day 2 – Imogen Heap & collaborators

Onyx Ashanti and Imogen Heap's impromptu jam at the sound check before her presentation at CTM 2013.

Without a doubt the highlight of day 2 of the CTM 13 Hacklab was a talk by the Grammy Award-winning English singer, composer and songwriter from London Imogen Heap. She was specifically talking about a project she is currently working on involving Continue reading CTM Day 2 – Imogen Heap & collaborators

Create Digital Music Hack Lab blog

Peter Krin put together a blog post on the CTM hacklab so far. Have a look

Robot Drummers

There are so many things I like about what this guy is doing I don’t know where to start. His name is Moritz Simon Geist and his website is sonicrobots.com. Check out the video below before reading another word.. MR-808 Continue reading Robot Drummers